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Company & Passion

ISOMetrix   started out as a side business in 1999 when the owner (JM Beck) was working full time at a large aerospace company managing the ISO compliance group and working as a key member in improving relationships between the company and their main customer. To maintain Certified Auditor credentials through the IRCA and RAB (at the time), audits were performed outside of the full time employer which is where the company got its start.

During one of these “outside audits,” the small company being evaluated did not fully understand the particular standard in which they were seeking registration against, nor did they have a good plan to get a system in place. To make matters worse, this company had already hired an agency to help prior to the audit, and they actually overcharged and underperformed. The owner of this small company had to become registered in a very limited time schedule in order to be awarded a contract that would make or break the business. The owner contacted Mr. Beck, and that is when he discovered that there is a market for helping small to medium sized companied understand and implement ISO-based management systems. Not in a “mass-producing” method, but in a one-on-one environment training and developing systems that are specific to each client at a reasonable cost. We were able to assist this company in achieving registration and being awarded that contract along with many others and they are still a client to this day.

In 2002, BTC Services (Beck Training and Consulting) was formed to do just that. It stayed that way until business demanded additional work force to help with the growth, and in 2005, BTC was incorporated into ISOMetrix.

Our belief is that a well implemented management system cannot be effective when it is purchased as a “canned system” or downloaded from other companies existing systems. Whether it is quality, environmental, safety or recycling; a management is specific to each company and must be drafted in the same method. When you try and purchase an existing system and make it fit within your business, it takes longer than it would than it would if you had started from “scratch,” and it never truly fits. We pride ourselves in drafting “custom-tailored” management systems based on the size, complexity and industry of our client at a reasonable cost.

Another thing that sets us apart is our fantastic group of professionals with the knowledge, integrity and character who work full time in the world of standardization to help all levels of businesses achieve and maintain registration to recognized standards of quality. Our focus has increased from our beginnings with ISO 9001 to include a number of other standards in various industries. We are not a single person, building an empire that cannot be managed that can leave our clients high and dry.


Our Mission

  • To Value our clients as customers and part of the ISOmetrix family in everything we do.
  • To provide easy, affordable solutions to the riddles associated with management system standards.

Our Team

  • Dedicated
  • Professional
  • Knowledgeable
Auditing Services

Auditing your QMS is a very important task—leave it to qualified auditors to effectively audit your system.


Effective training is the key to understanding and effectively applying management system principles.


Sometimes, just getting started is the hardest part in regards to drafting and implementing a management system.

Continued Services

Just because you are certified, does not mean the work stops! The Management System requires…management.

Over 20 years experience and knowledge of international standards and quality management systems.

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